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Services in all phases of development; from the stripping of the lot to the final coat of paint. Our specialty is rural ecological housing and community, ceremonial, and pedagogical spaces. We can manage and/or execute mobile home construction projects, glamping,  tiny homes,  cabins, houses, schools, tourism, art, and culture. We use appropriate technologies, taking care of natural wealth, indigenous production, and fair exchange with responsible suppliers. We manufacture lightweight construction systems in our workshop. We build projects throughout the national territory.



We carry out our management from the initial stage to the completion of the construction. We handle accounting bases and deliver work reports to the client.

  • Direction

  • Secretary

  • Accountancy

  • auditing 

  • Supervision



We inspect and adapt the land to start construction. If it is the case, we generate perimeter enclosures, we build a storage place for materials, a construction office and sanitary services for the staff.

  • Access roads

  • camp adequacy

  • Delimitation and setting out

  • Dismantling or demolition

  • excavations



We use various foundation systems according to the need of the structure, soil and standard. Our objective is to guarantee stability and avoid damage to the building. ​

  • Superficial

  • cyclopean

  • Floating

  • cumshots

  • Footings

  • Deep

  • Containment

  • reinforced concrete



We handle modular systems. We optimize resources by working dry, being quick in execution and assembly, and generating the least amount of waste. This system has the opportunity to be expanded when necessary, being able to opt for improvements and advances.

  • court

  • assemble

  • enclosures

  • Treatments

  • Transport



We study the loads and how they should be distributed so that the structure can resist them. We work with wood due to its resistance to compression and traction, allowing us to create dynamic and innovative structures.

  • dimensioned lumber

  • roundwood

  • metal profiles

  • Reinforced concrete



The enclosures are classified by location, shape and behavior against light and mobility. Its functions are security, the delimitation of new internal spaces and thermal, climatic and acoustic insulation. We use optimal, natural materials and traditional techniques that fulfill these functions efficiently.

  • Masonry

  • laminates

  • Bahareque

  • tendinous

  • decking

  • matted

  • membranes



Coatings are surface elements that, when applied to another construction piece, protect and improve its aesthetic appearance, as well as other technical properties. We handle high quality materials that cover, generate comfort and good aesthetics for projects.

  • Isolation

  • Palettes

  • Roof tiles

  • membranes

  • green areas



The electrical installations, due to their small diameters, are located in the alveoli of the walls or in the slabs, and the sanitary installations, due to their relatively larger diameters and due to their periodic control and registration requirement, are located in such a way that they do not compromise structural elements. Ducts are used for vertical sections and in false subfloors or hidden in false ceilings.

  • Hydraulic : Rain water, pressure, hot, grey, black

  • Electrical : Power, lighting, communications

  • Gas : Natural, propane, pneumatic

  • Mechanical : Tents, gates, locks



Our workshop has equipment and tools to cut, sand and paint the construction elements. We modified the characteristics of the woods to make utility items. in each piece the taste and passion for this trade is reflected.

  • Doors

  • Windows

  • Ladders

  • Bathrooms

  • Kitchens

  • Bedrooms

Paint the Walls


The finishes are the visible part of the construction, which is why we take great care in the details. We prepare the surfaces for their application, we use paints and varnishes according to the need. We install quality tempered glass and veneers that guarantee the aesthetics, safety and durability of the construction.

  • paintings

  • laminates

  • Veneers

  • glasses

  • rugs

  • appliances


The total value of developing a construction project is studied in the design phase, with the preparation of the study of quantities, the analysis of unit prices, and the preparation of the budget.  The average value per square meter varies by the size, complexity, and function of the project. The table below gives an approximate range of the execution value per square meter for single-family rural housing in 2021.


The schedule and duration of each development phase is described in the work plan prepared in the design phase. A general estimate of the time needed to complete a medium-sized, fairly complex rural single-family home is three weeks for each of the nine development phases, for a total of six months per project.

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