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Nomadic constructions use various construction systems but maintain the characteristic of being able to be transported and assembled in different places, and allowing the mobility of the genius loci, the spirit of a place. These structures are blessed with the ability to care for an open fire in their center. The cultural, architectural, and energetic value of these structures contribute towards the temporary shelter of homes, community gatherings, and holistic activities. Since 2011, Qinza has handcrafted large-format tents with an alternative design. Research and constant improvement have resulted in traditional and innovative itinerant structures of excellent quality.



Ancient dwelling of the nomadic tribes of Central Asia. With a cylindrical framed wall and a conical roof with an opening in the crown, this itinerant house has been the refuge of many peoples against the inclement climatic forces of the Himalayas. In its shape and structure it keeps the ancestral model of the mountain world. It has variations of design and materials in different regions, and they exist in sizes from four to twelve meters. It is a highly portable design that also allows better insulation, making it ideal for mountains and cold or rainy climates.

domo chakana.jpg

geodesic domes

Design that has become popular in the twentieth century due to its mobility, functionality, and elegance. This half-sphere shape is made up of straight elements connected at their vertices to form triangles, encapsulating a volume in an optimal way by minimizing the required surface area. They can be manufactured from four to twenty or more meters and using different geometric shapes as a base. The geodesic dome is a very versatile modern structure that provides harmonic spaces with great impact.



The ancestral dwelling of the tribes that coexist with the buffalo in the great North American planes. It has a beautiful conical shape, a brilliant white canvas cover, striking smoke eaves, and a majestic plume on its crown. Its diameter ranges between three and twelve meters. It was used as a single-family home or for meetings or ceremonies of  people sitting in a circle The tipi is a highly appreciated structure for its cultural, functional, and aesthetic value. His magic allows the connection with fire, the flight to hearts, and the arrival of visions.


Lotus Glamping

Exciting design with a very distinctive dome shape that maximizes internal space and creates a sense of dramatic grandeur, making it perfect for travelers and family campers. A design that reflects how glamping has evolved in recent years. The lotus tent is erected by sliding the curved iron pole frame into the inside of the tent and includes a sturdy center pole. Once in place, the loto tent's dome shape is very stable and can withstand strong winds.

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Platforms in immunized weather resistant wood. Woods such as teak, cedar, eucalyptus, timbó, composite wood are ideal for use as they have high resistance to moisture. These platforms are treated with immunizers that give the boards a longer useful life. Its advantages are the easy placement, the different finishes that can be installed on uneven terrain.


Special Designs

Itinerant structures with unique and personalized designs. In the accompaniment of Qinza and the client, it is possible to manifest the vision, geometry, and style of construction that corresponds to the needs of the territory. One of the projects carried out has been with the Corporación Pedagogías Ancestrales. These traveling classrooms travel through the Muequeta Valley, offering community education, remembering the journey, and raising the memory of the people.


Handcrafted in our workshop, maintaining high quality standards and using excellent raw materials such as bamboo, eucalyptus, pine, teak, iron, and aluminum.


They come vulcanized, with double crimped seams, high-strength threads, and reata reinforcements around the entire perimeter of the tent. Their excellent workmanship means that they temper without wrinkles and guarantee total waterproofing inside.


The tents come with all the necessary accessories for assembly and transport, such as stakes, ropes, and bags.


We offer guarantees for manufacturing defects that vary from 6 months to 2 years, depending on the format, structure and canvas.


Tents are made to order. It begins with a payment of 2/3 of the value of the order. The balance of 1/3 is delivered with the satisfactory reception of the product.


The manufacturing period is 4-8 weeks from the date of the first payment, depending on the size and complexity of the order.


We deliver nationwide. The price of transportation is ~$1,000 pesos per km, from our workshop to the place of delivery.


We offer assembly services and training in the use and care of the tents. The price is from $150,000 to $300,000 pesos for each tent depending on its size and complexity.

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