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Qinza offers a portfolio of real estate development services, using legacy techniques and appropriate technologies to manifest custom handcrafted creations.  The organic design promotes harmony between andhe habitathuman and the natural world.  Buildings, furnishings, and the environment are integrated into a unified and interconnected composition. Bioconstruction weaves us into the experience of the ancestral memory of a territory. The continuity of this wisdom is manifested in a rooted culture of its own, giving strength to the family and the community in their coexistence, organization, and evolution.

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The knowledge of architecture orders the physical territory to support the progress of being in harmony with its environment. It is built for the benefit of the community with a focus on permacultural design and traditional techniques. 



Founder of Qinza.  Specialized in the areas of architecture, construction, art and spirituality. Using both modern and ancestral techniques that respond in a coherent and sustainable way with the territory.

 Peter Leigh 

meet the team


The Qinza family is made up of empowered beings capable of sifting, mutating and nourishing themselves in front of the sea of proposals of the globalized era. They work creating well-being in alliance with architectural and construction groups such as Habitat Vivo, in a coherent path between thought, word, and action, which sustains families in agreement and well-being.


Allied collective dedicated to the design and management of housing units and groups with a high ecological commitment.



Santiago Silva

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